Studies on client satisfaction reveal that most businesses are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with their law firms’ approach to doing business. Would you prefer to work with a skilled and experienced lawyer, but have been consistency dissatisfied with law firms’ inability to provide personalized attention to your needs? Are you sick of firms shuffling most projects to inexperienced junior lawyers and charging you a fortune for it? Have you tried the form filling services that masquerade as alternatives to competent legal services and regret it?

Then I just might be the lawyer for you.

I started my business and intellectual property law practice was started in 2003 to offer a process-oriented approach to solving legal problems, and this approach has been refined over nearly 20 years of practice in which my team and I have served all manner of businesses, venture-backed technology and consumer products companies and entrepreneurs of all stripes. My approach embraces technology as well as an old-fashioned customer-service mindset.

If you interested in learning even more about me and my philosophy as it pertains to law practice, read about it here, or let’s meet for coffee.

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I look forward to connecting with you.

~ Danny Bronski


What do most businesses want from their lawyer?

~ fifteen years of relevant experience in private practice?

~ street smarts that guide you to take appropriate risks?

~ a lawyer who spends your money like it was his own (i.e. thriftily)?

~ a communicator: somebody who gets back to you promptly?

~ a strong business background?

~ top tier academic credentials?


Danny Bronski

  • Duke JD and MBA, 2002
  • Managing Editor, Duke Law and Technology Review
  • Two undergraduate degrees (Finance and Psychology), near perfect GPA
  • Started VeriTrademark in 2003
  • General counsel for many companies with at least eight figure annual revenues
  • Licensed in Washington (WA), New York (NY), Oregon (OR) and Arizona (AZ)