Federal trademark registration offers important benefits as compared to unregistered marks, including:

  • Registration offers tangible and valuable additional rights
  • Registration acts as a deterrent to future trademark disputes
  • Registration offers better remedies in an actual dispute
  • A registered trademark has a lot more value on your balance sheet


Every law practice had a different process for trademark registration. Many lawyers will charge you simply for their paralegals to fill out forms. Some law firms (and form-filling services masquerading as law firms) use a rigid and archaic process which isn’t very sensitive to the fact that the information landscape in business is changing rapidly with the proliferation of new technology and the internet.

We recognize that trademark law and the registration process is nuanced.

VeriTrademark® lawyers strongly encourage you to allow us to clear a trademark (to “clear” a mark is to opine that it is worthy of registration in light of the nature of the mark and the nature of other marks existing in the marketplace for similar goods or services, regardless of registration status).

The VeriTrademark® process offers insight into the following questions:

  • Are there any existing registered marks that trump your mark based on the “likelihood of confusion” legal standard?
  • Are there any formerly registered marks or existing unregistered marks likely to pose a problem for your mark?
  • Are there any statutory bars to registering your mark?
  • Is your mark distinctive enough to achieve registration?
  • Assuming the mark is capable of registration, how effective will it be at deterring future infringers?
  • Is the mark dilutive of any existing registered marks?


  • A search based on the VeriTrademark® proprietary search process
  • A trademark opinion letter (typically 5-10 pages of analysis)
  • Up to sixty minutes to review and illuminate the various issues raised by the search (and detailed in the letter) and to discuss changes before filing as appropriate
  • Filing fees in one federal class are included in the base price.
  • Response to most procedural office action are included in the base price up to two hours of work

While we strongly recommend ordering the research  in most cases given that almost every potential trademark has legal issues that are difficult for the untrained mind to spot, we offer trademark filing without research and a written opinion letter for a lower fee. If you choose this option, we will conduct basic research of the trademark register only and discuss it with you on the phone prior to initiating the application. In each case, filing fees in one federal class is included.

We also offer customized pricing when a flat fee package is not appropriate.


If you are ready to apply for and register a trademark using our web-based process, please click above to access a simple form to get started. Don’t worry if you can’t answer everything on this form – most clients don’t know exactly what they need. We intend the form as a jumping off point, and we will follow up with a phone interview with one of our expert lawyers to make sure that you are protecting what you need in the most cost effective manner possible.